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W.1 Hendrik Hameeuw Multi-light Reflectance Technologies: The RTI and PS Techniques for Museum Collections and Field Work  Lighst On…W.1.Details
W.2 Giancarlo Parma Workshop for Conservation: Microscopy and Documentation 2D/3D Measurements for Surface Characterization  Lights On…W.2.Details
W.3 Carlos Sá On the Application of X-rays for Research and Characterization of Cultural Heritage Objects / Materials  Lights On…W.3.Details
W.4 Lee Drake X-ray Fluorescence: Principles and Practice  Lights On…W.4.Details
W.5 David Thickett, Boris Pretzel Using Natural Light in Historic Properties  Lights On…W.5.Details
W.6 Jacob Thomas, Tomasz Łojewski Microfading Testing: A tool for Informed Policy Development and Materials Testing  Lights On…W.6.Details

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